The Shows I’m Watching and You Should Too: Arrow

Arrow is the first show that I’ve discussed thus far that is not new this season. It was an awesome guilty pleasure last season and garnered enough viewers to return for a second run. It’s not hugely high budget, which normally isn’t the worst for a TV show, but it is slightly more noticeable as it is a super hero show, and we’ve become used to the big budget DC and Marvel movies. It also doesn’t have the best acting or necessarily the best writing, but it is still incredibly fun.

One of the things I like about the set-up the writers have created is that Season One ends up acting as a sort of full origin story. The way that Batman Begins worked as the origin story for Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Arrow’s first season gives an in-depth look into the evolution of Oliver Queen as he becomes the Green Arrow. The second season has begun to explore Queen’s rise from a vigilante simply trying to avenge his father’s death to someone who is trying to enforce the law and improve the city.

The second, and possibly more important thing, I like about Arrow is Emily Bett Rickards, who plays the character Felicity Smoak. Smoak is an IT whizz who aids the Green Arrow with her tech know-how, but Rickards brings amazing life to the character. Originally only signed to play a small role in a single episode, her acting immediately caught the attention of the show’s creators and fans who wanted to see more. So, one of my favorite parts about season two of Arrow is that there is much more Felicity Smoak, as she has moved from being a recurring character to being a series lead. For me this has certainly made the show much more enjoyable.

And for those who know about the Green Arrow, the name Black Canary surely means something. The introduction of the Canary in Season Two has also been a nice treat. I won’t spoil anything, but I hope that there is more of her to be seen moving forward.

I don’t watch this show as religiously as other shows, and I missed a fair chunk of the first season, but every time I turn it on, it is a fun mix of action and silliness that is a joy to watch. As I said earlier, it is far from the best show on television. But it is certainly fun.

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