Earlier today I saw another sci-fi short film entitled “ABE“. It is the story of a lonely robot boy who grows up to be a psycho-killer. The film stands, I think, largely on the fact that it combines to pretty interesting things into a single story: serial killers and robots. It also branches off somewhat from the standard humans vs AI tropes that we’re used to.

Movies like I, Robot, The Terminator, and The Matrix give us glimpses of the future where our AI constructs rebel against us, but in these (and most other anti-robot stories) there is a larger man vs machine theme at work. In “ABE” it seems as though there is only one broken robot. The question seems to be more could a robot become a serial killer? This leads to a different set of motivations than the common rebellious “I don’t wanna be a slave anymore” robot. ABE even says in the film that he was happy with a life of servitude. Ultimately he just wanted to be loved.

“ABE” has been approved for a feature length film, and I am curious to see where the writers and director take this story in a longer format. What sort of deeper questions do they explore? And what happens to ABE in the end?


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