The Most Important Thing

Earlier today I saw a link to The Most Important Thing on Pinterest posted on Neil Gaiman’s Twitter. I didn’t add to the Pinterest thread, but I did reply on Twitter, saying that I would take a Pen and Notebook with me. My back-up plan (which I didn’t mention), in case a pen and pad counted as two items, was to bring my Pentax K1000 camera…though I suppose it would have to have film to work, which might bring us back to the same “two item” problem. Hmmm…

As a writer, a pen and notepad are a pretty clichéd selection I suppose. I mean, it’s the same answer I gave to that classic “If you were stranded on an island and could only have one thing with you, what would it be?” college interview question back in the day. Obviously having the tools of your art on hand is important to any artist, but I think in the wake of whatever destruction would cause you to be a refugee, it’s even more important. Being able to create in the face of destruction is something I would want to do, whether that be through writing something new or recording the world around me in writing or photographs. As Neil Gaiman said in his now famous commencement speech, when things are going wrong “make good art”.


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