Old Timey Hedgehog Internationalist Competition

Yet another writing contest? Yes, this is sometimes how I feel too. But there is another writing contest for sci-fi writers upcoming.

Old Timey Hedgehog, who published my first short story (which you can find a link to in the “Writing” section of this blog), is holding a sci-fi competition for “internationalist” short stories. This means that the story needs to take place in a non-NATO (or really non-Western) setting and showcase what the world would be like there. I really like this idea, since we have seen many a sci-fi story, both hopeful and despairing, about what the future could be like in the Western so-called “first world”. However, we rarely see, or at least I have rarely read, sci-fi that deals with the future in other parts of the world like South America, Asia, or Africa.

So, for those who have a short story of this kind in the works or are looking to start something new, the deadline for this contest is June 15th. Happy writing!


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