Bunty Berman Presents…awesomeness

Looking for something fun to do this Memorial Day Weekend in New York City? Well let me tell you about this wonderful show…

Running Off-Broadway at the Acorn Theater, Bunty Berman Presents is about a Bollywood movie producer named Bunty Berman whose studio has fallen on hard times. His lead actor is over the hill, and he is indebted to a large number of backers who have refused to fund him further. To dig himself out of this rut, Berman allies with an Indian crime lord who agrees to fund his films. But of course getting in bed with the criminal element creates a whole new set of challenges, not the least of which is having to cast the crime lord’s son as the new leading man.

The show is a lot of fun, and my friend Raja Burrows plays the crime lord’s son (which is why I went to see it in the first place). The acting is excellent, as is the writing, and the songs are fun and upbeat.

As a writer, I also have a great appreciation for the show due to some insider info I was aware of. The original actor who was supposed to play Bunty Berman was injured and had to withdraw from the show. The writer for the show stepped in to take his spot. I personally found this humorous as the screen writer for Berman’s production company is constantly dumped on by Berman and his lead actor. In fact writers in general are often portrayed rather harshly by Berman, but knowing that the writer for the play is the one delivering the lines made it even funnier for me, in a meta sort of way.

Anyway, if you like musicals, Bollywood, amazingly attractive Indian women, or fun, be sure to check out Bunty Berman Presents. But hurry and do it soon, as the show only runs until June 1st.


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