So, another shout out to one of my friends who is doing something interesting. I grew up with Boman Modine in New York City, and we spent a lot of time together during our high school and college years hashing out story ideas. Most of these were of the SFF variety, a genre we’re still both interested in. However, Boman has gone on to a different medium of story telling. While I have persevered as a writer, Boman has chosen to explore narrative in the form of film, and now he is kickstarting his latest project.

The film is called Hyperion and focuses on a girl named Ren who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. The disease is crippling, and Ren has been relegated to a hospital ward where she is supposed to live out her days with doctors and machines trying to prolong her existence as long as possible. Of course, this isn’t much of a life, so Ren, and her boyfriend, decide to break out and go on an adventure, even if it’s the last one she ever has.

Obviously this isn’t an SFF story, but I think it is an interesting one and certainly one that should be told. If you want to support the film, you can check out its Kickstarter page. There are only 10 days left to donate, so if you’re interested, get to it!


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