The Sword and Laser Anthology

So, for those of you curious as to what I’ve been working on lately, the answer would be a short story for the Sword and Laser Anthology. The deadline is tomorrow, and I’ve been furiously re-working my story over the last couple of weeks, churning out 5K word writing days (a process I will share more about later). It is set a bio-punk inspired future where transgenic artists who make “art” by splicing genes from different animals together to create unique creatures are at the top of the artistic world. The question then becomes, when playing with life to make art, where does one draw the line?

Hopefully you guys (or more importantly the readers at Sword and Laser) find this concept intriguing. Anyway, I should get back to actually writing my story, but I wanted to post briefly about this anthology. I know it’s a little late now for most people to start writing something (though maybe hitting the 1.5K word bottom limit isn’t too hard if you started tonight), but for those of you who have a speculative fiction short or have something that is only a little bit of editing away from being finished, this is a great opportunity that I wouldn’t pass up on.


4 thoughts on “The Sword and Laser Anthology

  1. Thank you! I don’t think I got the story quite where I wanted it, but I figure it’s better to send it in and see what happens than not. I can always change it later if they don’t accept it.

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