Inaugural Post

I said I wanted to be a writer. “They” said you should have a blog. So here we are.

Some of you may know me for my time spent writing articles on gaming (specifically on Magic), but this will not be a gaming related blog, at least not primarily. So what can you expect? Well with a title like SFF punk you might expect this to focus solely on things of the cyber, steam, or bio punk nature, but that won’t be the case either. I am, as of the now, working on a Young Adult series that has nothing to do with any of those genres. In fact it’s inspired by Korean folktales, which is about as anti-“punk” as you can get. Well, maybe not, but you get my meaning.

Those who know me know that I’ve been in pursuit of a fiction writing career for some time. This blog will be about all things writing, chronicling my thoughts, discoveries, and progress. It may include posts about gaming (with a focus on narrative aspects); it may include posts about the scientific or fantastical (with a focus on how to use these in writing); and it may even include news you don’t care about regarding Korean Pop music (because I like K-Pop). From there, who knows? It’s going to be a grand writing adventure, so come and join!

Please feel free to comment moving forward as well. I always enjoy hearing what other people think (even if I don’t always agree), and as I try to find where this blog is going, I will definitely want to hear what you all are curious about in terms of my work as a writer.

Anyway, tune back in next time…for when I actually have more interesting things to say. Hooray!


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